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About Us

Independent Dream Factory is a creative consulting company that provides expert creative strategy as well as creative booking services to event organizers. We provide creative consultations, creative strategies, and creative booking services. Our large creative network (including production, media, entertainment, vendor, and venue) will allow us to provide the very best service during any event. We will focus on providing a creative touch to corporate events & weddings. Independent Dream Factory provides affordable pricing packages and can tailor a strategy to meet the needs of each individual client. We thrive on the guest experience and have the ability to provide support in any situation.


Meet The Team

Our Story

Our story begins with 3 independent dreamers helping one another bring their dreams to life. After less than a year of working together, we knew it was time to create a company that could help other independent dreamers succeed. Thus, Independent Dream Factory was born.


Independent Dream Factory is owned and operated by Don B., Shān Michael and German Veras. Each brings a different set of expert skill sets required to operate and ensure success of a business. Don is a Creative Director whose expertise lies in creative direction and creative strategy. Shān is a production manager who specializes in production & business management, finances, analytics, and planning. German is a business owner with 10+ years of business management experience. Together, we have 10+ years of event consulting experience. Don, Shan and German’s expertise and diligent customer service will ensure the viability and success of Independent Dream Factory.​

Established in December of 2020, IDF has been able to consult with hundreds of CLIENTS & projects. IDF has also hosted a wide variety of events geared towards promoting independent Artists, businesses, and creatives. We hope to create a self-sustaining environment for generations to come; one dream at a time. 



We are committed to highlighting the best that every independent dreamer has to offer.

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