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About Us


Independent Dream Factory LLC is a Creative Consulting company with a goal to help bring any creative project or event to life. Our mission is to create an atmosphere that promotes independent dreams by providing the necessary love, support, and resources. We believe that by working together, we will be able to accomplish all of our independent dreams.


Our Story

Our story begins with 3 independent dreamers helping one another bring their dreams to life. After less than a year of working together, we knew it was time to create a company that could help other independent dreamers succeed. Thus, the Independent Dream Factory was born.

Established in December of 2020, IDF has been able to consult with over 50 clients and hundreds of projects. IDF has also hosted a wide variety of events geared towards promoting independent Artists, businesses, and creatives. Our most notable event, the myxer, has become one of the premiere networking events in the central florida region. We hope to create a self-sustaining environment for generations to come; one dream at a time. 



We are committed to highlighting the best that every independent dreamer has to offer.

Meet The Team

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